March Madness in Pennsylvania will be one of the most popular betting markets of the year, following the Super Bowl and NFL Playoffs. The good news is, there are plenty of Pennsylvania teams to bet on, with Villanova likely being the best and Penn State to follow. As many sports bettors know, each and every year there are bracket challenges, survivor pools and more that are offered by sportsbook operators and fantasy sports sites. This year is no different, as Pennsylvania residents will be able to enter the DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool for free, and have a chance at winning $250,000 and have some student debt paid off by DraftKings Sportsbook. Let’s look at the details.




How to Enter the DraftKings March Mania Pool


There are a few steps to enter the DraftKings Survivor pool. The first is signing up for DraftKings Sportsbook, here. After you are signed up, follow these simple steps.

  1. Opt-in to the DraftKings March Survivor Pool page, by noon EST on March 19th.
  2. Each day, pick ONE team to win. Remember, this is survivor-style.
  3. If your team wins, you move onto the next round and will need to pick another team the next day.
  4. You can only pick a team once. If you have no teams left to pick, you lose so select accordingly.
  5. If you advance to the end, you win your share of $250,000 and possibly your student loans paid off!


Have DraftKings Pay Your Student Loans!

DraftKings says “This is the land of the free, so see ya, debt.”

This is a tremendous promotion offered by DraftKings, as the spring brings the end of a year for students in college. If you opt-in to the DraftKings Survivor Pool sweetener, you could be one of four lucky winners to have your student loans paid by DraftKings! Of course, with many terrific schools in Pennsylvania from Penn State to Penn to Drexel and more, many Pennsylvanians have student loans. This is a great idea from DraftKings to help alleviate those loans to four lucky winners, so be sure to opt in.

Read the sweepstakes details in entirety for official rules. New York and Florida residents are not eligible for this contest.


DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool Strategy

Normal survivor pools share an entire different set of strategies, as it comes in the NFL or even college football. The theory behind survivor pools is to “save” some good teams for later in the tournament in hopes for easier selections down the road. With March Madness in the NCAA Tournament, this is much harder given the seedings and obvious talent disparities in the earlier rounds. For example, it would be much easier to just pick number one or number two seeds early in the tournament and advance, but then those teams can no longer be used. If you select Duke on day one, and Kansas on day two and they both end up in the Final Four, you have a very limited set of options.

The key in March Madness survivor pools is to get some of lower seeds earlier in the tournament, or pick higher seeds that you believe will be upset in the second or third rounds. There will always be upsets, so make sure you can find an edge and take the other side to advance in survivor pools. Do you think Gonzaga will lose early in the tournament? Pick them in the first round rounds. Do you think Kansas advances far? Save them for the latter rounds. Setting up your strategy is a key way to advance and put yourself in a better position in March Madness survivor pools. Remember, Penn State, Villanova, and other Pennsylvania teams will certainly draw some picks, so pick them wisely!

Be sure to take advantage of the DraftKings March Mania Survivor Pool, for a free chance at $250,000 and a chance to have your student loans paid off!


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