Super Bowl Odds 2020

Each and every week of the NFL season, the Super Bowl Odds have changed.

As always with a futures market in the NFL at PA online sportsbooks, many things can affect the movement. Whether it is injury, poor play, or just bad luck…factors are aplenty.

Entering Week 13, there has been a plethora of movement for some notable teams in the NFL, including the Philadelphia Eagles dropping yet again after a loss to the Seahawks.

DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with notable odds movement from last week to this week, as we enter Week 13 of the NFL.

Let’s take a look at the top five teams in terms of positive Super Bowl odds movement:

Team Entering Week 12 Entering Week 13 Odds Movement
Texans 4000 3000 -1000
Seahawks 1400 1000 -400
Ravens 500 350 -150
49ers 700 600 -100
Saints 600 550 -50

and the ten teams in terms of negative odds movement:

Team Entering Week 12 Entering Week 13 Odds Movement
Lions 35000 75000 40000
Jaguars 25000 50000 25000
Broncos 30000 50000 20000
Falcons 35000 50000 15000
Chargers 12500 20000 7500
Panthers 8000 15000 7000
Rams 4000 10000 6000
Raiders 6000 10000 4000
Colts 5000 8000 3000
Eagles 2500 4000 1500


Notable Super Bowl Odds Movement 

Baltimore Ravens

+350 now, +500 last week

No matter how you look at it, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are unbelievable.

After a 45-6 crushing win over the L.A. Rams on Monday Night Football, the Ravens are now 9-2, and Lamar Jackson is the clear favorite for NFL MVP.

As a matter of fact, Jackson is -230 to win the MVP on DraftKings Sporsbook.

The Ravens have the number one offense in football, scoring 386 points through 11 games. Second is the San Francisco 49ers, but they are 54 points behind at 332. That’s only half of the equation though, the Ravens defense has really improved and looks like a dominant unit again. Since allowing 40 points to the Browns, the Ravens have given up: 23, 17, 16, 20, 13, 7, and 6 points in their last seven games. That’s more than enough for an offense scoring 35 points per game.


Philadelphia Eagles

+4000 now, +2500 last week

What has happened to the Eagles?

Well, there is two versions. One is they are just hurt, that’s the easy way out. The second is they are struggling and guys are out. Both are plausible.

Either way, the Eagles’ odds have fallen quite a bit and are now all the way at +4000.

At PASportsbooks, we talked about why now is the time to bet the Eagles’ future market. Find out why now is the time, here.


Los Angeles Rams

+4000 last week, +10000 this week

What happened to the Rams? Los Angeles was throttled on Monday Night Football 45-6, and the Rams’ new offensive line has proven to cost that offense in many ways this year.

It’s not all on them though. Jared Goff didn’t throw a touchdown in November, and Sean McVay has come under fire as well after being dubbed a “genius” offensively in the last few years.

Not much has gone right for the Rams, and they are now +10000 to win the Super Bowl. After trading for Jalen Ramsey, was losing those picks a mistake? Time will tell.


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