NFL Playoffs Public Bets
Unfortunately for Pennsylvania football fans, the Eagles and Steelers are no longer in the race for the Lombardi Trophy after the Eagles‘ loss to the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round, but there is still plenty of betting to be done on PA Online Sportsbooks or PA online casino’s.

Playoff football is a rush, and a very popular betting market given the amount of good football teams, small spreads, and the small amount of games available after 13+ each week for the last four months leading up to last weekend’s Wild Card Round.

DraftKings Sportsbook provides odds and public betting trends for each game of the Divisional Round.




Spread Bets: Public Backing Reid & Chiefs

Team Spread % Handle % Bets
MIN Vikings +7 40% 50%
SF 49ers -7 60% 50%
TEN Titans +9.5 39% 48%
BAL Ravens -9.5 61% 52%
HOU Texans +9.5 32% 48%
KC Chiefs -9.5 68% 52%
SEA Seahawks +4 57% 61%
GB Packers -4 43% 39%

The most popular bet on a football game is betting on the spread, and with the four games this weekend there are plenty of consensus betting numbers.

  • Chiefs -9.5 is getting 68% of the money, but only 52% of the bets.
  • Ravens -9.5 is getting 61% of the money, but only 52% of the bets.
  • 49ers -7 is getting 60% of the money, and only 50% of the bets.
  • Seahawks +4 is the only underdog with more money and bets on them, at 57% and 61%, respectfully.

After last week’s vast amount of money betting against the Vikings, bettors have tamed a tad with only a 60% consensus on the 49ers. Recency bias favoring Minnesota? We shall see.

DraftKings Sportsbook has liability on three of four favorites this weekend when it comes to the spread, with the lone underdog being the Seahawks as aforementioned.


Bettors Love the Under in Green Bay

Team Total (O/U) % Handle % Bets
MIN Vikings Over 45 44% 46%
SF 49ers Under 45 56% 54%
TEN Titans Over 46.5 49% 49%
BAL Ravens Under 46.5 51% 51%
HOU Texans Over 51 61% 51%
KC Chiefs Under 51 39% 49%
SEA Seahawks Over 47 25% 25%
GB Packers Under 47 75% 75%

In the NFL playoffs, bettors seem to bet the under much more than in the regular season. Why? Likely has something to do with the games mattering more, more preparation goes into it, and most teams with “bad” defenses have been weeded out by now.

Whatever the case, many bettors are favoring the under in this weekend’s Divisional Round games. Let’s take a look.

  • SF/MIN Under 45 has 56% of the money and 54% of the bets.
  • BAL/TEN is split, but leans 51% of bets and money on the under of 46.5.
  • HOU/KC is the lone game on the over, with 61% of the money on over 51, and 51% of the bets.
  • GB/SEA is the highest consensus of any market this week for the totals, with 75% of the money and bets on under 47.

Total betting is always a sweat, as the over or under will approach in same way shape or form regardless of what number is bet. DraftKings Sportsbook will be pulling for plenty of points this weekend.


Money-line: Seattle the Lone Dog

Team Moneyline % Handle % Bets
MIN Vikings 280 31% 42%
SF 49ers -335 69% 58%
TEN Titans 350 24% 27%
BAL Ravens -420 76% 73%
HOU Texans 360 20% 27%
KC Chiefs -435 80% 73%
SEA Seahawks 170 65% 64%
GB Packers -195 35% 36%

The moneylines are always fun to watch, because sharp bettors always like to bet more “value” than an actual prediction on the game. Remember, not everyone is a sharp bettor as some will bet on their favorite teams, some will bet a few bucks for fun as a hobby, and some are just bad bettors.

The public still leans towards the favorites in the Divisional Round, with the 49ers -335, Ravens -420, and Chiefs -435 being heavily bet with 69% or more of the money on them. That is a lot of risk for a small amount of money, and the lone underdog makes it interesting.

The one underdog that has more money and bets is the Seattle Seahawks at +170 to upset the Packers in Green Bay. They have 65% of the money and 64% of the bets on them. This is the lowest underdog price of the weekend (+190), but clearly the one bettors favor the most.

DraftKings Sportsbook would love to see some straight up upsets this week, with all the money on the line.




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