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An extremely important part aspect of PA sports betting, is watching who the public is betting each week in the NFL. DraftKings Sportsbook, which is LIVE, has provided their NFL Week 10 public betting splits below.

NFL Betting Stats heading into Week 10:

Road Teams: 75-58-2 ATSHome Teams: 58-75-2 ATS
Road Faves: 22-23 ATSHome Faves: 35-53-2 ATS
Favorites: 57-76-2 ATSUnderdogs: 76-57-2 ATS
Road Dogs: 53-35-2 ATSHome Dogs: 23-22 ATS
Overall O/U Record: 65-70


Here’s the latest look at the Week 10 Public Betting numbers on DraftKings Sportsbook.


Who is the Public on?

TeamsSpread% Spread Handle% Spread BetsMoney LineTotal Points    
Chargers-159%58%-114O 49
Raiders141%42%100U 49
Cardinals4.541%42%188O 51.5
Buccaneers-4.531%41%-215U 51.5
Falcons1320%33%480O 51
Saints-1380%67%-590U 51
Ravens-9.593%83%-435O 45.5
Bengals9.57%17%360U 45.5
Bills390%89%128O 40
Browns-310%11%-148U 40
Giants-2.593%91%-130O 43
Jets2.57%9%115U 43
Lions2.580%82%125O 42.5
Bears-2.520%18%-143U 42.5
Dolphins1067%72%380O 43.5
Colts-1033%28%-455U 43.5
Rams-3.581%87%-186O 44
Steelers3.519%13%160U 44
Panthers526%48%200O 47
Packers-574%52%-230U 47
Vikings380%76%155O 47.5
Cowboys-320%24%-177U 47.5
Seahawks6.576%85%230O 46.5
49ers-6.524%15%-275U 46.5


Top Percentages (Handle)

Team, Spread, % of Handle

Teams Spread % Spread Handle % Spread Bets
Ravens -9.5 93% 83%
Giants -2.5 93% 91%
Bills 3 90% 89%

On DraftKings Sportsbook, there are three games that currently have over 90% of the betting handle on the spread. Two of the three are favorites as you can see.

This means the Bills (+3) are an underdog with a huge amount of the handle and total bets on that. Bettors do not have faith in the Cleveland Browns.

Baltimore Ravens 93%

Coming off a massive win against the undefeated New England Patriots, the Ravens are flying high (no pun intended).

Baltimore is a -9.5-point favorite on the road against the Bengals, who have moved on from Andy Dalton in favor of Ryan Finley after their 0-8 start.

The Ravens have 93% of the betting handle and 83% of the bets, and look to be the most popular bet of Week 10 as far as money is concerned.


New York Giants 93%

The battle of New York presents a very interesting situation for sports betting. The Giants are -2.5-point favorites as a “road team”, but have an overwhelming majority of the betting handle and total bets at 93% and 91%, respectively.

Both teams have seven losses, but the Jets‘ only win came against the Cowboys in Week 6. They have three straight losses by 33, 14, and 8 points and are dealing with injuries to Le’Veon Bell, C.J. Mosley and others.

For a game with two bad teams, it’s quite surprising to see such a heavy amount of money on the Giants. Especially in an area where there are both Giants and Jets fans having access to DraftKings Sportsbook.


Buffalo Bills (Dog Money)

The Bills have a heavy majority of the money on them at DraftKings Sportsbook against the Browns in Week 10. Remember, the Browns were very heavily bet on in Week 9, and it burned a lot of bettors. Recency bias? Maybe, but the Bills are the far better team in terms of record at 6-2, compared to Cleveland’s 2-6.

Baker Mayfield has vastly struggled in his sophomore campaign, the with the stingy Buffalo defense on the horizon the outlook does not look good for the Browns again in Week 10. With that being said, DraftKings Sportsbook cleaned up on the Browns last week, will the same happen this week with a favored Cleveland team?



Top Percentages (Bets)

Team, Spread, % of Bets

Teams Spread % Spread Handle % Spread Bets
Giants -2.5 93% 91%
Bills 3 90% 89%
Rams -3.5 81% 87%
Seahawks 6.5 76% 85%

There are four games with 85% or more of total bets on one side. Oddly, two of them are underdogs this week. The Giants and Bills both have a ton of handle and total bets to their name, as discussed above.

With the Bills and Seahawks both as dogs, it’s the first time in awhile where there has been this much dog money in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams 87%

The LA Rams have 87% of the bets in Week 10 against the Steelers, but have “only” 81% of the betting handle. The Steelers are home, but the Rams are far superior in terms of talent, especially on the offensive side of the football. With that being said, the spread moved to -4 (LA) on Wednesday afternoon in some places, so be sure to monitor the spread on DraftKings Sportsbook, as you may get a value.

Keep in mind, the Rams now have Jalen Ramsey on their defense which helps against Juju SmithSchuster and the Steelers passing attack.


Seattle Seahawks (Dog Money)

In what may be the most notable bit of information, the Seattle Seahawks (+6.5) have 85% of the bets but just 76% of the money. Seattle travels to San Francisco on Monday Night Football to play the undefeated 49ers at home. It’s a bit shocking to see 85% of the bets on the Seahawks, but also just 76% of the money. Some big money has come in on the Niners to balance the scales it seems, but the Niners have been dominant this season.

Without a doubt, it’s the game of the week…and it looks to have DraftKings Sportsbook’s attention as well given the liability on the underdog.


Notable Bets

The Packers (-5) have 74% of the money on them against the Panthers in Week 10, but only 52% of the bets. Some huge money has come in on the Packers, who were a bit letdown in Week 10 against the Chargers, as many bettors lost betting on Green Bay.






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