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It may feel like it, but the sky is not falling.


After two brutal losses to the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, Eagles fans are *rightfully* upset. The offense has been horrible, regardless of who is available. Carson Wentz is taking the blame, the the lack of creativity from the coaching staff is starting to cost the Eagles football games. No matter the reason, the Eagles are 5-6.

Despite all of this, now is the time to bet the Eagles on the futures market. The odds will never be better at PA Sportsbooks, especially given how the schedule looks for the Eagles’ remaining five games.

Betting futures is all about the long game, and the long game still looks good for the Eagles’ chances of making the playoffs. If they get healthy, who knows?


Philadelphia Eagles Futures Odds Market

Super Bowl Futures

Sportsbook DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook Unibet Sportsbook
Eagles Super Bowl Odds +4000 +4200 +4000

These odds have dropped, and fast.

The Eagles were has high as +1100 to win the Super Bowl during this season, but are at their lowest point now. If there was ever a time to bet on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, it’s now. FanDuel Sportsbook offers the best odds at +4200, and while the Eagles are not likely to win the Super Bowl, we all remember what happened a few years ago, right? It’s worth a shot at 42 times your dollar.


NFC Conference Champions Futures

Sportsbook DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook Unibet Sportsbook
Eagles NFC Champions Odds +1800 +2300 +1800

Again, FanDuel Sportsbook has the best odds for bettors in this market at +2300. 23 times your dollar for the Eagles to make it to the Super Bowl is quite a solid bet, if you think the Eagles make the playoffs.

Think about it, say the Eagles get in. They will likely have to beat the Seahawks, Vikings, Saints, and/or the 49ers. That’s doable if this team gets healthy, and should the Eagles get into the playoffs they will likely be as healthy as they have all season.


NFC East Champions Futures

Sportsbook DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook Unibet Sportsbook
Eagles NFC East Champions Odds +115 +150 +115

This is the best futures market out there for the Eagles right now. Once again, FanDuel Sportsbook takes the lead with +150 for the Eagles to win the NFC East.

The Cowboys are favored, as they are one game ahead…but the path is far more clear for the Eagles to win the division, and cash those +150 bets for you in a few months.

Of all the Eagles’ futures, this is the best one to bet. It’s far more likely than you may think, let’s get into why.


Eagles vs. Cowboys NFC East

The NFC East race will be between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, for sure.

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-6. Here are their remaining five games:

  • @ Dolphins
  • vs. Giants
  • @ Redskins
  • vs Cowboys
  • @ Giants

By all means, the Eagles should win against Miami, New York (2x), and the Redskins. That puts Philadelphia at 9-6, with the Cowboys game in the balance.

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-5, their remaining games are:

  • vs. Bills (Thanksgiving)
  • @ Chicago
  • vs Rams
  • @ Eagles
  • vs Redskins

As you can see, the Cowboys schedule is much tougher. They should beat the Bears and Redskins, but Chicago has a talented defense and that game is in Chicago. As for the other games, the Bills are a tough team and the Cowboys will be traveling home from New England on a short week. The Rams have a ton of talent, but have struggled a bit offensively this season. With that said, they are built to play with Dallas with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey.

Let’s say the Cowboys beat the Bears and Redskins, that puts them at 8-5. The Rams and Bills are toss-ups. If the Cowboys win both, they are at 10-5 besides the game with the Eagles. If the Cowboys win one or zero of those games, they could be 9-6 or 8-7. In that case, it would all come down to Week 16 (before the Redskins game).

As you can see, because of the schedule for the remainder of the season…it is very possible for the Eagles to win the NFC East and go to the playoffs. They will just need to take care of business against teams they should beat.


Will Week 16 Matter?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 4:25 PM EST (unless flexed to Sunday Night Football).

For all the marbles, most likely.

In all likelihood, the Eagles and Cowboys will be within one game, or tied with each other heading into Week 16. This means it is a game for the division. The Cowboys beat the Eagles the first time around, but there is a chance the Eagles could hold the tiebreaker if they win the second time around.

Eagles vs. Cowboys, for the division. Just like everyone wants to see.

The message is clear, the Eagles have a very realistic shot at winning the division and making the playoffs. Be sure to bet the futures market now to take advantage of the best prices of the season on Eagles’ futures.


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