Kentucky Derby Betting Online Guide 2019: Odds, PA Sites & Picks

The most popular professional horse race, the 2019 Kentucky Derby, is almost upon us. Regardless of the knowledge level of the sports fan preparing for the race, there will be plenty of excitement and money on the line for the 145th version of the run for the roses.

– Location: Churchill Downs
– Inaugural Race: 1875
– Current Distance: 1 & 1/4 miles (10 furlongs)
– Track Type: Left-Handed Dirt
– Age Qualification: Three-year-olds
– 2019 Purse: $3 million
– 2019 Race Date: Saturday, May 4th


[toc]Last year, Derby day saw a record $225.7 million bet on the 14-race card, which included a record $149.9 million placed on the Kentucky Derby itself. There will undoubtedly be just as much betting for the race that has become the staple annual attraction in Horse racing for even the most casual fan.

The 145th Kentucky Derby is currently set for Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 6:46 ET that will be televised on NBC on the 1 1/4 mile track featuring three-year-old thoroughbreds competing for the chance to win the most illustrious horse racing title.


Post PositionHorseCurrent Derby Odds (5/4/19)Opening Odds
1War of Will15-120-1
3By My Standards15-120-1
4Gray Magician50-150-1
7Maximum Security8-110-1
9Plus Que Parfait30-130-1
10Cutting Humor30-130-1
13Code of Honor12-115-1
14Win Win Win12-115-1
15Master Fencer50-150-1
16Game Winner9-25-1
18Long Range Toddy30-130-1
20Country House30-130-1

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Let’s just say the weather is certainly not looking great for the 2019 Derby. If you are new to betting on the Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs is located in Louisville, KY. Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th, both have rain in the forecast.

There is a 90% chance of rain on Saturday, so get ready for a sloppy run. “War of Will”, “By My Standards” and “Plus Que Parfait”, would be your targets for best sloppy track horses.


Is it Legal To Bet the Kentucky Derby Online in PA?

Yes, betting the Kentucky Derby online is legal in PA., which is owned by Churchill Downs, accepts online wagers. PA residents can CLICK HERE to sign up at BetAmerica Racebook and receive a FREE $100 Derby betting bonus!

Just to clarify, yes, you can bet on horses via online sites in PA, but PA Sports Betting online is not yet active in the state.

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States Where You Can Bet The Kentucky Derby Online

Our recommended Kentucky Derby Betting sites are TwinSpires and Both sites accept horse racing bettors for online horse betting in the following states:

New Hampshire
New York
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia


There are several different types of wagers and bets that can be placed. There is the typical Exacta (first two), Trifecta (first tree), Superfecta (first four), and Super High Five (first five) wagerings that can all be made for the event.

Along with that, bettors can also put money on just the horse they believe can win the race as well as betting on the place if the horse picked finishes first or second. Last but not least, there is a show bet that turns out the least amount of winnings if the horse selected finishes in either of the top three spots.

Last year, we saw Justify become the sixth straight favorite to win the Kentucky Derby as he held 3-1 odds in the 20-horse field of competition heading into the race. The Derby also saw the other two single-digit betting odds on horses in Good Magic and Audible come in second and third respectively finishing 2 1/2 lengths behind Justify. This result saw a $2 exacta payout $69.90 and a .50 cent trifecta land betters $70.70.


Ahead of the monumental race, there are several other events that will have an impact on how the field is shaped up. This includes seven championship series race that spans from the end of March on through mid-April.

This list of races includes Louisiana Derby, Florida Derby, UAE Derby, Wood Memorial, Blue Grass Stakes, Santa Anita Derby, and Arkansas Derby. Each of these competitions will give 100 qualify points to the winner, 50 points to the second pace, 20 points to the third spot, and 10 points to the fourth place finisher.

From these seven races, the top-two finishers will have the privilege of earning a spot in the starting gate for the Kentucky Derby. On top of that, heading into those seven championship races there will have already been several horses qualified for the prestigious event.

HOW TO BET ON THE KENTUCKY DERBY is our #1 Kentucky Derby Betting site in PA. Owned by Churchill Downs, BetAmerica Racebook is the premier online destination for betting the Kentucky Derby.

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This huge event will certainly draw a high number of wages from around the country. The places that this race can be betted upon will be at racetracks, simulcast centers like Off Track Betting Centers along with deposit wagering platforms like, which is the official betting site and partner of the Kentucky Derby. On top of that, there can be legal bets made in the state of Nevada at their plethora of casinos with race and sportsbooks.


This is without a doubt the most difficult part of the process as it is a tall task to predict how the 20-horse field will play out. There are a plethora of ways it can unfold as the competitors for the race have gone through 36 previous events just to prep for the Kentucky Derby. There are several things that can be looked upon in advance of the race that includes performance charts, speed figures, class rating, tracks and bias, jockey and trainer stats, and horse pedigree. This just speaks to that there are many different ways to go about the entire process.

Simply put, there is not one single way to go about the betting process, but it’s an event that will draw plenty of bets and wagers leading up to it all.

Kentucky Derby Winners

2018JustifyMike SmithBob Baffert2:04.02
2017Always DreamingJohn R. VelazquezTodd Pletcher2:03.59
2016NyquistMario GutierrezDoug F. O’Neill2:01:31
2015American PharoahVictor EspinozaBob Baffert2:03.02
2014California ChromeVictor EspinozaArt Sherman2:03.66
2013OrbJoel RosarioClaude R. McGaughey III2:02.89
2012I’ll Have AnotherM. GutierrezD. O’Neill2:01.83
2011Animal KingdomJ. VelazquezH. G. Motion2:02.04
2010Super SaverC. BorelT. Pletcher2:04.45
2009Mine That BirdC. BorelB. Woolley2:02.66
2008Big BrownK. DesormeauxR. Dutrow2:01.82
2007Street SenseC. BorelC. Nafzger2:02.17
2006BarbaroE. PradoM. Matz2:01.36
2005GiacomoM. SmithJ. Sherrifs2:02.75
2004Smarty JonesS. ElliottJ. Servis2:04.06
2003Funny CideJ. SantosB. Tagg2:01.19
2002War EmblemV. EspinozaB. Baffert2:01.13
2001MonarchosJ. ChavezJ. T. Ward1:59.97
2000Fusaichi PegasusK. DesormeauxN. Drysdale2:01.12
1999CharismaticC. AntleyD.W. Lukas2:03.29
1998Real QuietK. DesormeauxB. Baffert2:02.38
1997Silver CharmG. StevensB. Baffert2:02.44
1996GrindstoneJ. BaileyD.W. Lukas2:01.06
1995Thunder GulchG. StevensD.W. Lukas2:01.27
1994Go for GinC. McCarronN. Zito2:03.72
1993Sea HeroJ. BaileyM. Miller2:02.42
1992Lil E. TeeP. DayL. Whiting2:03.04
1991Strike the GoldC. AntleyN. Zito2:03.08
1990UnbridledC. PerretC. Nafzgar2:02:00
1989Sunday SilenceP. ValenzuelaC. Whittingham2:05:00
1988Winning ColorsG. StevensD.W. Lukas2:02 1/5
1987AlyshebaC. McCarronJ. Van Berg2:03 2/5
1986FerdinandW. ShoemakerC. Whittingham2:02 4/5
1985Spend a BuckA. Cordero Jr.C. Gambolati2:00 1/5
1984SwaleL. Pincay Jr.W. Stephens2:02 2/5
1983Sunny’s HaloE. DelahoussayeD. Cross Jr.2:02 1/5
1982Gato Del SolE. DelahoussayeE. Gregson2:02 3/5
1981Pleasant ColonyJ. VelasquezJ. Campo2:02:00
1980Genuine RiskJ. VasquezL. Jolley2:02:00
1979Spectacular BidR. FranklinG. Delp2:02 2/5
1978AffirmedS. CauthenL. Barrera2:01 1/5
1977Seattle SlewJ. CruguetW. Turner2:02 1/5
1976Bold ForbesA. Cordero Jr.L. Barrera2:01 3/5
1975Foolish PleasureJ. VasquezL. Jolley2:02:00
1974CannonadeA. Cordero Jr.W. Stephens2:04:00
1973SecretariatR. TurcotteL. Laurin1:59 2/5
1972Riva RidgeR. TurcotteL. Laurin2:01 4/5
1971Canonero IIG. AvilaJ. Arius2:03 1/5
1970Dust CommanderM. ManganelloD. Combs2:03 2/5
1969Majestic PrinceJ. LongdenW. Hartack2:01 4/5
1968Forward PassI. ValenzuelaH. Forrest2:02 1/5
1967Proud ClarionR. UsseryL. Gentry2:00 3/5
1966Kauai KingD. BrumfieldH. Forrest2:02:00
1965Lucky DebonairW. ShoemakerF. Catrone2:01 1/5
1964Northern DancerW. HartakH. Luro2:00:00
1963ChateaugayB. BaezaJ.P. Conway2:01 4/5
1962DecidedlyW. HartakH. Luro2:00 2/5
1961Carry BackJ. SellersJ.A. Price2:04:00
1960Venetian WayW. HartackV. Sovinski2:02 2/5
1959Tomy LeeW. ShoemakerF. Turner Jr.2:02 1/5
1958Tim TamI. ValenzuelaH.A. Jones2:05:00
1957Iron LiegeW. HartakH.A. Jones2:02 1/5
1956NeedlesD. ErbH.L. Fontaine2:03 2/5
1955SwapsW. ShoemakerM.A. Tenney2:01 4/5
1954DetermineR. YorkW. Molter2:03:00
1953Dark StarH. MorenoE. Hayward2:02:00
1952Hill GailE. ArcaroB.A. Jones2:01 3/5
1951Count TurfC. McCrearyS. Rutchick2:02 3/5
1950MiddlegroundW. BolandM. Hirsch2:01 3/5
1949PonderS. BrooksB.A. Jones2:04 1/5
1948CitationE. ArcaroB.A. Jones2:05 2/5
1947Jet PilotE. GuerinT. Smith2:06 4/5
1946AssaultW. MehrtensM. Hirsch2:06 3/5
1945Hoop Jr.E. ArcaroI. Parke2:07:00
1944PensiveC. McCrearyB.A. Jones2:04 1/5
1943Count FleetJ. LongdenG.D. Cameron2:04:00
1942Shut OutW.D. WrightJ.M. Gaver2:04 2/5
1941WhirlawayE. ArcaroB.A. Jones2:01 2/5
1940GallahadionC. BiermanR. Waldron2:05:00
1939JohnstownJ. StoutJ. Fitzsimmons2:03 2/5
1938LawrinE. ArcaroB.A. Jones2:04 4/5
1937War AdmiralC. KurtsingerG. Conway2:03 1/5
1936Bold VentureI. HanfordM. Hirsch2:03 3/5
1935OmahaW. SaundersJ. Fitzsimmons2:05:00
1934CavalcadeM. GarnerR.A. Smith2:04:00
1933Brokers TipD. MeadeH.J. Thompson2:06 4/5
1932Burgoo KingE. JamesH.J. Thompson2:05 1/5
1931Twenty GrandC. KurtsingerJ. Rowe Jr.2:01 4/5
1930Gallant FoxE. SandeJ. Fitzsimmons2:07 3/5
1929Clyde Van DusenL. McAteeC.V. Dusen2:10 4/5
1928Reigh CountC. LangB.S. Mitchell2:10 2/5
1927WhiskeryL. McAteeF. Hopkins2:06:00
1926Bubbling OverA. JohnsonH.J. Thompson2:03 4/5
1925Flying EbonyE. SandeW.B. Duke2:07 3/5
1924Black GoldJ.D. MooneyH. Webb2:05 1/5
1923ZevE. SandeD.J. Leary2:05 2/5
1922MorvichA. JohnsonF. Burlew2:04 3/5
1921Behave YourselfC. ThompsonH.J. Thompson2:04 1/5
1920Paul JonesT. RiceW. Garth2:09:00
1919Sir BartonJ. LoftusH.G. Bedwell2:09 4/5
1918ExterminatorW. KnappH. McDaniel2:10 4/5
1917Omar KhayyamC. BorelC.T. Paterson2:04 3/5
1916George SmithJ. LoftusH. Hughes2:04:00
1915RegretJ. NotterJ. Rowe Sr.2:05 2/5
1914Old RosebudJ. McCabeF.D. Weir2:03 2/5
1913DonerailR. GooseT.P. Hayes2:04 4/5
1912WorthC.H. ShillingF.M. Taylor2:09 2/5
1911MeridianG. ArchibaldA. Ewing2:05:00
1910DonauF. HerbertG. Ham2:06 2/5
1909WintergreenW. PowersC. Mack2:08 1/5
1908Stone StreetA. PickensJ.W. Hall2:15 1/5
1907Pink StarA. MinderW.H. Fizer2:12 3/5
1906Sir HuonR. TroxlerP. Coyne2:08 4/5
1905AgileJ. MartinR. Tucker2:10 4/5
1904ElwoodF. PriorC.E. Durnell2:08 1/2
1903Judge HimesH. BookerJ.P. Mayberry2:09:00
1902Alan-a-DaleJ. WinkfieldT.C. McDowell2:08 3/4
1901His EminenceJ. WinkfieldF.B. Van Meter2:07 3/4
1900Lieut. GibsonJ. BolandC.H. Hughes2:06 1/4
1899ManuelF. TaralR. Walden2:12:00
1898PlauditW. SimmsJ.E. Madden2:09:00
1897Typhoon IIF. GarnerJ.C. Cahn2:12 1/2
1896Ben BrushW. SimmsH. Campbell2:07 3/4
1895HalmaJ. PerkinsB. McClelland2:37 1/2
1894ChantF. GoodaleE. Leigh2:41:00
1893LookoutE. KunzeW. McDaniel2:39 1/4
1892AzraA. ClaytonJ.H. Morris2:41 1/2
1891KingmanI. MurphyD. Allen2:52 1/4
1890RileyI. MurphyE. Corrigan2:45:00
1889SpokaneT. KileyJ. Rodegap2:34 1/2
1888Macbeth IIG. CovingtonJ. Campbell2:38 1/4
1887MontroseI. LewisJ. McGinty2:39 1/4
1886Ben AliP. DuffyJ. Murphy2:36 1/2
1885Joe CottonE. HendersonA. Perry2:37 1/4
1884BuchananI. MurphyW. Bird2:40 1/4
1883LeonatusW. DonahueR. Colston2:43
1882ApolloB. HurdG.B. Morris2:40 1/4
1881HindooJ. McLaughlinJ. Rowe Sr.2:40
1880FonsoG. LewisT. Hutsell2:37 1/2
1879Lord MurphyC. ShauerG. Rice2:37
1878Day StarJ. CarterL. Paul2:37 1/4
1877Baden BadenW. WalkerE. Brown2:38
1876VagrantR. SwimJ. Williams2:38 1/4
1875AristidesO. LewisA. Williams2:37 3/4

Triple Crown Winners

2018 – Justify

2015 – American Pharoah

1978 – Affirmed

1977 – Seattle Slew

1973 – Secretariat

1948 – Citation

1946 – Assault

1943 – Count Fleet

1941 – Whirlaway

1937 – War Admiral

1935 – Omaha

1930 – Gallant Fox

1919 – Sir Barton

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