Fox Bet Super 6 App

Play for free and win real money on the Fox Bet Super 6 App for iPhone & Android

What is the Fox Bet Super 6 App? How To Play & Win

It’s finally here! A Free to play app called “Fox Bet Super 6” is designed to offer an easy-to-play sports betting-oriented game for new bettors here in the United States.

Tied into the FoxBet App in PA, the Super 6 free entry contests are an easy way for new bettors to gain comfort with betting on sports, along with the FoxBet App.

Do you like a chance to win FREE money? Everyone does. Introducing Fox Sports “Super 6”, which offers weekly prizes of up to $1,000,000 in CASH!

PA online sportsbooks will certainly welcome this F2P option as it will introduce sports betting to many new users across the country,




New Fox Bet Super 6 Promo for 2021 NFL Season

What started 2 years ago as a $250,000 prize pool to win Terry’s money, has now grown to a massive $1,000,000 cash prize for the 2021 NFL season at Fox Bet Super 6.



Who Can Play?

Users in ALL US states except for Washington are able to play in this “Super 6” contest. You must be 18 years of age or older.

Download the app for FREE in the App Store under “FOX Bet Super 6” or go to

Upon download, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number, as FOX Super 6 will not ask for any further information right away.








How To Play The Fox Bet Super 6

Super 6 is a prediction-style game, similar to what SkyBet does over in the UK. Users will need to pick the winners, scores, and more correctly for three games each week for the rest of the NFL season.

The game works like this:

Super 6 NFL Sunday:
– Users will choose the outcome of a game and margin of victory for games on NFL Sunday on the app.
– If you get all six (hence Super 6) correct, you will win a prize of up to $250K.
– If no one is correct, the contest pays out smaller cash prizes.

Super 6 Thursday Night Football
– Answer six questions about Thursday Night Football correctly.
– Questions may be about total points, how the first TD is scored, what kind of score is first, and more.
– Users who get all six correct will spot the prize!

Super 6 College Football Saturday
– Similar to Super 6 NFL Sunday
– Choose outcome and margin for games in CFB on Saturdays.
– Whoever gets the most predictions correct wins the prize.



Why Is FOX Bet Doing This?

It’s all about customer acquisition. FOX Super 6 is a marketing tool to increase a database, which is the most valuable thing to large media companies. The more users they can attract and get into their database, the more money they can make via advertisements, pushing players to their sports betting apps when their given state is live, and more.

This has worked in the past for DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook PA, who have an enormous user base and database, which allows for them to advertise and market other products. It’s a huge reason why they are both successful in the US Sports Betting industry already.

The Stars Group and FOX Sports have combined to make a large player in the sports betting industry, and this app is a large part of the customer acquisition model. The FoxBet App is in NJ , PA, and Colorado.



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